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Record your own story for the podcast

Now you have the chance to record the story for the podcast. The recording length only allows for 5 minutes and I know your story will be longer than 5 minutes!  Please send as many recordings as needed for the story.   See below for instructions.


1.  Please record in a quiet space, away from background noises or distractions. If there is background noise, the story may not be used, as the track needs to be clear for streaming purposes and for the listeners.  The recording will be edited to remove any long pauses, UMM's, UH's, or other noises deemed unnecessary for the podcast.  Don't worry about getting it perfect. This is what editing is for! 

2. Please refer to the story guide when recording your story.  This format allows for the story to flow well for the podcast.

Please click HERE if you are the unfaithful female partner.

Please click HERE if you are the betrayed male partner.

3. Please state at the beginning of each recording "Part 1", or "Part 2" etc. I recommend your story be no less than 20 minutes, but they can be as long as needed so that you can share all the details you feel comfortable with. 

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