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“I have been listening to your podcast non stop. It has really helped me gain clarity into my own situation and what I believe I need to do. I listened to your personal story this morning. I am so sorry you had to go through all that you did but I am thankful for your choice to share with others. I felt like I was completely alone until I found your podcast. The rollercoaster from day to day can be overwhelming, but after listening to other women's stories, I feel a bit more direction... I have gotten more out of your podcast and articles that you share than I have from my very pricey therapy! Cheers to that!"

- Anonymous Listener

"I can’t tell you how much you have helped me. Sharing my story helped to dump a lot of unresolved issues. Your podcasts have given me other ways to think about what happened. This process gave me ideas that you may or may not find helpful. One is a ponder about what the unfaithful should have done to help the betrayed spouse. What did the unfaithful do that helped the most? After an affair is discovered the unfaithful needs to take the lead on cleaning up the mess. Getting a good counselor is only the beginning. There are day to day things that have to go on for years."


"I recently started listening to your podcast and it has been really cathartic for me.  I have recently started writing a memoir to help me get some of my memories out of my head and on paper and I've realized a few things about myself.  One thing I have discovered is how much I have cheated. 

I have also only ever been in unhappy relationships until I met my husband."

- Anonymous 

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