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Meet Rebecca

Creator, Host and Certified Infidelity Recover Specialist 

Yes, I created a podcast about women cheating! Why? That is a great question!​ It is certainly a controversial subject- taboo, if you will. Though infidelity has been around as long as sex has, people, men and women alike are capable of being unfaithful.

Me...I cheated on my (now) ex-husband for several years with multiple men. So much damage was created due to my choices and actions. The collateral damage affected my children and my reputation, let alone what my ex-husband had to endure learning of my deception was the worst thing that I had to take on in my life. It has taken years for us to be on decent terms. It is something that never goes away when it affects so many. I became accountable and took my consequences as they were handed to me one at a time. 


It hasn’t been an easy road for me, but I have since recovered and have no intent to ever go down that road again.​People often hear about men screwing around on their wives. Yes, its statistically more common, and it is also overlooked a bit. One never heard of a MAN having to wear a “Scarlet Letter” or being stoned to death for adultery. That only seems to happen to the women in the marriage. As well as names such as whore, bitch, slut...​So lets talk about this - OPENLY! Let’s learn more about why women have chosen to be unfaithful in their marriage or relationships. Lets hear what women say led them to the road of infidelity. Everyone has their own story and reasons for what they did, or are currently doing. Its out there whether anyone wants to admit it or not. Call it blasphemy, or call us Jezebels, but is it right to judge someone when you don’t know them or the facts? Didn’t Jesus preach, those who are without sin throw the first stone? As a Christian who did indeed lose her way on multiple occasions, I will stand here and admit my faults but ask those of you to listen to reasons why.​


The podcast doesn’t just stop with women's stories, but we look at how the affair affected the men side, by way of the mans point of view. We also delve into what it is like to be the “other woman” or “other man” in an affair, when the person you are involved with is in a committed relationship with someone else and how these people feel being in this position. We also hear stories of men who cheated and their feelings about what they did. Many people think that affairs will be all hot and life goes on like nothing happens, but here, you learn the fact, the hard RAW TRUTH and will hopefully come to an understanding that even though infidelity is wrong, people find themselves mixed up in it. Emotions of the heart are stronger than the reasoning in someone's brain (in my opinion). One knows they shouldn't but can’t stop either.   It doesn't stop with female infidelity on Raw Truth Podcasts. 


There are very interesting topics - taboo, funny and kinky that are discussed on "Let's Ponder with Rebecca Adams and currently two new podcasts are in development. They are "Raped" and "Why me? I was an innocent child".  More information will become available as these two new podcasts are released.   

In August of 2022, I became certified as infidelity recovery specialist focusing on female infidelity.  I am still working on buttoning up what I need to do before I officially offer my coaching services, but hope to be able to start helping more people in 2023. 


In the meantime, subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and listen to the shows today!

No judgment,


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