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Raw Truth Podcasts

Let's discuss and listen to true stories about these raw subjects.

Why do some women cheat?

Taboo subjects that are pondered - mainly about sex.​​

  • Would you raise a child not yours due to infidelity?

    • Send your story!​

  • How women vs men view infidelity

    • Do you feel that they view them in different ways and why?​

  • How do you keep someone from cheating on you?

    • What protective measures do you have? ​

  • Hall pass?

    • ​Send your story of your experiences with the Hall-Pass or your thoughts on the subject itself!​

  • Why are women drawn to bad boys?

    • ​I have done an episode on "affairing down"...but why do many women choose the bad boys - especially when it comes to affairs?

  • ideas on for other topics? 

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